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paula avatarHello, I’m Paula. I’m a mother and an entrepreneur. Last November, I heard a talk by IBM Watson, describing the technology innovations that will change the work humans do drastically. All I could think about was my kids – most school don’t teach these skills.

It took me four months to research this and get to the point where I’ve figured out what I can do to make sure my kids get the critical skills they’ll need for the future of work, where 65% of jobs they’ll have don’t exist yet.

I would love your feedback. I’m at EdTech StartupWeekend in San Diego, and we’re building a site to help parents help their kids. There are 3 steps:

  • Parents do an assessment of their student’s skills
  • Students take an assessment as well
  • Get a fun, achievable research-supported action plan that fits your life, budget, skills, time available.


Register your interest if you’d like to be a beta tester! (Thank you)







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